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Bob Jacob

Dear Mary,

Thank you so much for the journey (and it truly was a journey) thru your beautiful artwork.

There was just so much, and it was all so beautiful that at first I was just overwhelmed. It was all so powerful. I became so filled up so fast I couldn't believe it. To continue I actually had to push thru. Once I did I mellowed out and easily enjoyed the rest of the my trip. Thank you so much for having the courage to be you. Your work is so pure, so pure and so innocent. It is wonderful.

And what a incredible imagination you have. The variety is astonishing, and your sense of humor a thing of pure joy for me. You draw beautifully, and paint beautifully. I love how you handle all the different techniques and different mediums...and being a designer, I just love and am impressed by your great sense of design. And you prove conclusively that in the world of art, size does not matter.

There are probably many different definitions of what makes a "great" artist, and in my book you are one!

Mary, have no doubts, YOU ARE THE REAL THING. Though unrecognized in the world as such, you are a "great" artist!

Thanks for the wonderful tour,
Bob Jacob

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